From The Dark

The From the Dark movie is a psychological thriller fringing on horror film. Starring Aisling “Tucker” Moore Reed (professionally known as "Wyn Reed") as Valerie Faust, From the Dark packs a fear-filled punch that’ll leave viewers reeling... and likely up all night!

Set in the remote Pacific Northwest, From the Dark is a terrifying tale of paranoia, chaos, and murder that starts innocently enough. Valerie Faust, a long-time tour guide at a secluded cave resort, is ready for a change. On her last night, Valerie (Wyn Reed) decides to send herself off in style with a going away party.

Remote wilderness. Dark caves. A wild party. What could go wrong?

"What’re you most afraid of right now?"
- Daemon (Dylan Lee O’Harra) in From the Dark

From the Dark is a dream (or should we say nightmare?) come true. The movie began as a father-daughter creative project and has taken years to make its way from the page to the silver screen.

Siskiyou Productions formed specifically to breathe life into From the Dark. And, in the words of Dr. Frankenstein, "It’s alive!"

The making of From the Dark had its ups, including tireless hours donated by talented local actors, and downs, including a real life murder story surrounding the film's star, Wyn Reed, but finally, From the Dark is here.

Viewer beware!

Promotional picture of From The Dark.
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