From The Dark FAQ

When is From The Dark being released in the U.S.?
From The Dark is coming soon to U.S. theaters!
Is From The Dark available on DVD/Blu-ray?
From The Dark is not yet available on DVD or VoD.
What is From The Dark rated?
From The Dark is rated R for violence and language.
Who made From The Dark?
From The Dark was directed by Patrick Liam Dolan and produced by Mathew Spickard.
What is From The Dark about?

Filmed in beautiful Southern Oregon, this psychological thriller follows tour guide Valerie Faust on her last night working at a secluded caves resort.

Who stars in From The Dark?
From The Dark features an amazing lineup including:
  • Wyn Reed
  • Dylan Lee O'Harra
  • Dan Hanvey
  • Mig Windows
How can I stay up-to-date on From The Dark?
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I still have questions about From The Dark... now what?
Still have questions about From The Dark? Contact us now.

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