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In true thriller (and horror movie) form, From the Dark begins with good intentions. Valerie Faust (Aisling "Tucker" Moore Reed, aka Wyn Reed), has worked as a tour guide at a remote cave resort in the Pacific Northwest for the past several years. And she’s more than ready to trade in the seclusion for a little excitement!

On her last night, Valerie decides to throw herself a going away party and invites a motley cast of coworkers including Daemon (Dylan Lee O'Harra), the new dishwasher; Lucas (Dan Hanvey), the foul-mouthed chef; Cooper (Chris Doran), the rambunctious bartender; and Gwen (Skyler Bennett) and Diane (Mig Windows), two maids with a score to settle.

Picture of the From The Dark going away party.

The party takes a dark turn when a guest with a questionable past shows up. All too soon the From the Dark party-goers find themselves thrown into a downward spiral of paranoia, chaos, and murder.

"You can just stay here and wallow in your alcoholic paranoia and self-pity, but I’m gonna go find some weapons!"
- Daemon (Dylan Lee O’Harra) in From the Dark

What sets the From the Dark movie apart from other psychological thrillers and horror movies is that there is no clear boogeyman. In this twisted “whodunit,” there isn’t an obvious scapegoat, and it isn’t so easy to point the finger (or the gun). From the Dark highlights how allowing fear to dictate your actions can lead to a waking nightmare.

As the accusations fly and the happy-go-lucky party-goers continue to drop, the viewer is left wondering who, if anyone, will survive the darkness?

From the Dark’s original storyline, isolated Southern Oregon locations like the Oregon Caves and Chateau, and all-local cast create an experience to remember... even when you want to forget it so you can start sleeping with the lights off again.

About From The Dark

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